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    Whale Watchers
  • 3 Bedrooms
    Beachside Studio
  • 4-5 Bedrooms
    Ocean Gem
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    Seaside Condo

The Coconut Coast


lei-on-beachHome to some of Historical Kauai Royalty, rich in history, centrally located to both South and North shores making this coast some of most sought out locations on the island. Drizzled in Old Hawaii Charm and walking distance to one of America’s prettiest towns.

These properties are near the mouth of the Wailua River making this an enchanting location. As the rivers, gardens and mountains meet, life is rich and found in abundance. With life in abundance, views extraordinaire grab a cup of coffee and rest on washed up driftwood and let nature entertain you to some of the most spectacular sunrises anywhere. Click here for a video about the Coconut Coast

About Kauai


Kauai-BeachKauai known as the “Garden Isle” of the Hawaiian Islands it is also geologically the oldest of the Hawaiian chain, about 5.1 million years old.

With 562.3 square miles, consisting of Cliffs, lush green foliage, and sparkling blue green waters. Kauai dwells in the peaceful Pacific Ocean and from an outer space view receives the last light of each day. Kauai’s highest peak is Kawaikini and measures 5,243 ft above sea level.

Besides Kauai’s famous gardens it is also known for its canyons, with Waimea being the deepest, going 10 miles directly into the earth. Kauai County is Hawaii’s most loved islands because of its tropic richness and majestic appeal.

The island is rich in adventure, culture, tradition and charm. Kauai has been used in the filming of movies such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Soul Surfer, Descendants, King Kong, Jurassic Park, Tropic Thunder, Six Days Seven Nights, Perfect Getaway, South Pacific, and Pirates of the Caribbean are just to name a few.